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Adr Compatible Tanker
M3 33-38 m3
Full Length 11630mm
Tank Length 11150mm
Height 3600mm
Width   2450mm
Tire Sizes 385/65R 22.5
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Technical Characteristics

Frame shall be fabricated as monobloc frame. Frame material is made of St52 non-vacuum iron sheet with the size of 12 X 20 and Erdemir 6252 A1 (St52) Quality 5 mm sheet. As well as frames of tank are hanging the tank, strengthening pad sheets are welded against sagging and buckling. Trailer of tank is integrated welded until King-Pin part.

Axle and Tires
Axles are (YEKSAN) AXS axles each of them have 12 tons transportation capacity. Tires’ size is 385/65R 22,5.

Brake System
Brake system is installed with automatic ratchet and WABCO ABS or KNORR EBS system. Dual line brake system is presented. Double speed, mechanical type, transport legs with 25 tons transportation capacity are used.

Other characteristics
*King-pin; King-Pin in compliance with DIN standards is used
*Trailer shall be designed with E certificated 24 V electricity installation completely in compliance with traffic rules.
*Sheet of tank is ERDEMIR 6252 A1 quality and 4 mm. It is fabricated by using sufficient number of breakwater for 5 sections.
*The cabinet where all valves of tank are gathered and controlled. Due to tank has a circle section, all of outer welds are welded through SUBMERGED welding. Inner welds are welded through inert-gas welding
*Number of filling cabs are 5 and with 40-50 cm neck for each section. Discharge is done through 4’’ sized global valves for each section (5) within lockable door on the right hand.
*Fixed type bumper
*Plastic wheel houses for each wheel with double retainer
*Fire extinguisher tube cabinet
*Tool cabinet on the rear of right axle
*Mechanical (rope) type spare tire transporter
*Bicycle guardrail on left hand side
*Fixed climbing over ladder and aluminum mechanical collapsible guardrail from below (on the right hand).

Technical Drawing


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